There’s not a


way to homeschool.

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Homeschooling and still trying to find your way?

You see these perfect Pinterest photos of homeschooling families and decorated school rooms and smiling kids….and you feel like a failure.

It’s okay, mama. You’ve come to the right place.


girl with glasses homeschooling with mom and learning to write words



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I’m Jacquelyn. I have homeschooled my 4 kids for 19 years…and still going strong. And guess what I’ve learned during these 19+ years? There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to homeschooling.  Nope, there’s not.

I know all of the blogs and experts and books and Pinterest-perfect pictures make you feel like everyone out there is getting it right except you. But I promise you this….

There is no “right” way to homeschool.

I want to show moms (and dads) that the only right way to homeschool is finding what works for YOUR family, not everyone else’s family.  I assure you…it can be done!

So let’s go!

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