There’s not a RIGHT way to homeschool.

Are you worried about doing it wrong? Afraid you will mess up your child’s education? Stop worrying. Keep reading….we’ve got this!

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Faithfully Teaching at Home


I’m Jacquelyn. I have homeschooled my 4 kids for 18 years…and still going strong. Guess what? There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to homeschooling. I want to show moms (and dads) that the only right way to homeschool is finding what works for YOUR family, not everyone else’s family.  I promise…it can be done!

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Are you homeschooling a preschooler?

You are in the right place! Learn how to teach your preschooler the essential skills needed to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. Visit my other website, Planning Preschool, devoted solely to preschool and kindergarten.

Just getting started with homeschooling?

Download my new guide, Getting Started Homeschooling…the Easy Way!

Are you trying to figure out how to get started homeschooling your children but are finding all of the information to be confusing?

Grab my Getting Started Homeschooling…the Easy Way guide! It breaks down everything you need to do in simple, easy steps.