The Apple Pie Tree Activities


The Apple Pie Tree Book Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten contains all you need for a day’s worth of lessons on apples and apple pie! Based loosely on the popular children’s book, THE APPLE PIE TREE, children will be immersed in apples all day long!

Save time by having all of your printables and activities in one place!  No more searching all over the internet for activities for The Apple Pie Tree.  You can also use these activities for any apple unit!

These activities are fun, colorful, engaging, and developmentally appropriate!


Preschool and Kindergarten


  • Detailed instructions for implementation
  • Colorful hands-on activities
  • Printable activities to reuse over and over
  • CCSS Standards included on Table of Contents


In this book unit, you will get a variety of hands-on activities and worksheets.  Here are the The Apple Pie Treeactivities and worksheets that you will receive:

  • Math Center:  Apple Tree Clip Cards – these are clip cards that feature apple trees with one through ten apples. 
  • Literacy CenterMatching “Aa” Apple Trees – An engaging activity focusing on distinguishing between the capital and lowercase letters “Aa”.
  • Science Activity:S Label the Parts of the Apple – This packet includes a color poster, a b/w poster, a cut-and-glue activity of the parts of the apple, and 2 trace or copy writing worksheets.
  • Fine Motor SkillApple Letter Tracing – 26 letters your students can trace to practice their fine motor skills. Includes all capitals, all lowercase letters, and numbers.
  • Math Worksheet: Adding Apples – A math worksheet where your students will add the apples together.
  • Phonics Worksheet: Short “a” sound– Circle the objects that begin with the short “a” sound
  • Reading WorksheetReading Comprehension – A worksheet where your student will recall facts from the story and can write or dictate the answers.
  • Writing Worksheet Writing Prompts – Three different writing worksheets with writing prompts, creative writing, and drawing.  
  • ExtraSequence Cards – Two sets (boy and girl) of sequencing cards of how to bake an apple pie.
  • 39 pages
  • 12+ activities for you preschooler or kindergartener to enjoy
  • High-quality clipart
  • Bright and colorful
  • Developmentally appropriate activities

This is a digital download that you will need to print. There will not be a physical product mailed to you.