Printable Gratitude Journal for Kids


Help your 4-7 year old understand what gratitude is by using this colorful 12-week Printable Gratitude Journal for Kids!



Are you wanting to help your preschooler, kindergartener, or first grader to learn how to use a gratitude journal? This 12-week printable Gratitude Journal for Kids will help your child develop the habit of thinking about what he or she is grateful for every day!

 Printable Gratitude Journal for kids

This Printable Gratitude Journal for Kids includes the following:

  • Clear directions
  • 12 undated weeks with unique, colorful animal themes
  • 2 covers to choose from (Narwhal or Tiger)
  • High-quality graphics
  • Easy-to-read fonts
  • Cute animal-themed graphics, perfect for boys and girls both

How to Use the Printable Gratitude Journal for Kids:

  • Choose and print a cover, if you want to print all the pages and make a “book”.
  • Or just print one week at a time and put on the fridge or on a clipboard.
  • Ask your child every day what is one thing he or she is grateful for.  It could be in general or something from that day.
  • Write it down for them in that day’s square.
  • Then ask what kind of day he or she had:  happy, sad, okay, worried, etc.  You or your child can draw the expression on the face each day to show what kind of day your child felt like he had.
  • At the end of the week, ask what was the best thing that happened that week and write it down in the last square.
  • Don’t want to print one each week?  Just print one and laminate it.  Use a wet erase marker to write what your child is grateful for.  Then erase at the end of the week and start over!  Want to remember what she was grateful for?  Take a picture with your phone!

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