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Create your own family traditions and memories when you make a Gratitude Tree for your home!

You will get beautiful printable leaves to make a Gratitude Tree on your wall or door or tabletop this holiday season! You will also get colorful tree with leaves to create a Keepsake Gratitude Tree to keep forever. So grab the free Gratitude Tree Template Pack today!

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You will get…

In this free Gratitude Tree Template Pack, you will receive digital images to print at home so that you can use them over and over, each year. Carry on these memorable traditions each year for your family.

  • Beautiful textured leaves in fall colors to print, cut out, and use on a wall or tabletop Gratitude Tree
  • A variety of black-and-white leaves to print and color yourself to save on ink!
  • A tree with branches and tiny fall leaves to create a Keepsake Tree so you will always have a beautiful memory of the things your children are grateful for
  • BONUS: Black-and-white letters that spell out “GRATITUDE TREE” in a fun font to use with your wall Gratitude Tree
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Why should you start a Gratitude Tree tradition this year?

A Gratitude Tree (also called Thankful Tree or Blessing Tree) helps your children to have a visible reminder of being grateful. It also helps you to discern what your children are being grateful for so that you know if more lessons in gratitude are needed. What is so precious is to look back years from now and remember their words! You will be able to see them mature as the years go by.

I still have the leaf where my 4-year old daughter in 2020 said she was grateful for “hand sanitizer”! Remember how hard it was to get hand sanitizer that year? When she gets older, we can pull out that years leaves from our 2020 Gratitude Tree, and I can explain why she was grateful for hand sanitizer (if she doesn’t remember).

Grab your free gratitude tree template pack today!

Need more explanation on how to make the 3 types of Gratitude Trees?

  • Click HERE to read a guest blog post I wrote for Kerry Beck of How to Homeschool Your Child. The post is titled “Gratitude Tree: Create a New Thanksgiving Tradition”. But the link to the free Gratitude Tree Template Pack on that post is not working. Be sure to sign up for the ones on THIS page!
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