Fall Large Motor Activities Cards


These Fall Large Motor Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten will be sure to get your students moving in a fun and creative way!  This set includes 16 different activities featuring large motor skills exercises and activities!  Printed in card form, it’s easy for you or your students to hold.

How can these large motor activities cards for preschool and kindergarten be used?

  • A Simon-Says type of game – Students always love this game!
  • Brief Brain Breaks
  • Rainy day exercises
  • Get the wiggles out!

Why are Brain Breaks important for kids?  Brief breaks of physical activity will get their wiggles out, help to calm nerves before a test or assessment, and can help students concentrate better on the next lesson.  

Your kids will love the cute pictures of colorful fall icons;  you will love the high-quality clipart graphics!   Your kids will love the fun and creative physical movement;  you will love the age-appropriate large motor skills!

None of these activities need any extra materials or resources, only your children!  

Prep is quick and easy… Just print, simple cutting, and you are ready!  

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 16 bright and colorful cards printed on 4 pages featuring fall/autumn-related objects
  • Directions
  • Cards are printed with thick black lines to make cutting out easier 
  • Cards can be cut out in rectangle or with rounded corners – your choice!

Examples of some of the activities printed on the cards:

  • Pretend to throw a football with each arm 4 times.
  • Leap over an imaginary bonfire 7 times.
  • Reach up and pick 12 apples off the apple tree.
  • Hop on each foot 8 times.

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