Apple Farmer Annie Mini Unit


Need a comprehensive literature-based unit for the picture book Apple Farmer Annie by Monica Wellington?  Everything you need for a whole day’s worth of Apple Farmer Annie activities is included in this A-Book-A-Day Mini Unit from Faithfully Teaching at Home.

Save time by having all of your printables and activities in one place!  No more searching all over the internet for Apple Farmer Annie activities.  You can also use these activities for any apple unit.

These activities are fun, colorful, engaging, and developmentally appropriate!


Designed for use by preschool and kindergarten students in classrooms and homeschools.

In every one of my literature mini units, you will get a variety of activities and worksheets.  If you are a homeschooling parent, use the activities made for centers as independent activities or a morning bin activity. Here are the Apple Farmer Annie activities and worksheets that you will receive:

  • Math Center:  Sorting Apples Cards – these are cards made especially for the Learning Resources Attribute Apples manipulatives, but I have also included printable apples to use instead, if you don’t have this manipulative.  The student will sort apples into colors, sizes, and features onto sorting mat cards.
  • Literacy CenterMatching Capital/Lowercase Apple Puzzles – Two-piece apple puzzles will have the student matching capital and lowercase letters for all 26 letters.
  • Science ActivityExploring the Parts of an Apple – This could be a center or a group science activity.  The student will explore the different parts of an apple using his five senses and will record by writing or drawing a picture on a worksheet.  One is black-and-white to print, and one is color if you want to make it laminated for your student to use a dry erase marker.
  • Fine Motor SkillApples Trace & Cut Worksheets – 2 black/white cutting straight lines practice and 2 color tracing straight lines practice (laminate to use with dry erase markers).
  • Math WorksheetHow Many Apples in the Basket? – A math worksheet where the child will count the apples in each apple basket and draw a line to the matching number.
  • Literacy Worksheet: Matching Lowercase to Capital Letters Worksheet – A Cut & Glue worksheet where the students will cut the lowercase letters out and glue to the matching capital letters.
  • Reading WorksheetStory Sequencing – A Cut & Glue story sequencing worksheet 
  • Writing WorksheetApple Farmer Annie Writing Prompts – Two worksheets with the writing prompt “My favorite way to eat apples is….”.  One worksheet has the writing prompt in tracing letters. The other worksheet doesn’t have the tracing letters prompt.  
  • ExtraField Trip Reflection Form – Since Apple Farmer Annie is the perfect book to coordinate with a field trip to an apple orchard, I’ve included a Field Trip Reflection Form where the students can draw or write about their experiences on the field trip!
  • Detailed instructions for implementation
  • High quality clipart
  • Easy-to-read fonts

This is a digital file. You will not be receiving any physical product in the mail.

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