Apple Activities Super Pack


This Apple Activities Super Pack is a comprehensive pack of apple activities that will help teach everything your child needs to know about apples! Save time by having all of your printables and activities in one place! No more searching all over the internet for activities for your apple week!. 

These activities are fun, colorful, engaging, and developmentally appropriate for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

You can mix-and-match most activities with any of the apple-themed books I chose for these lessons.  Only a few worksheets are book-specific. The books that some of the writing and story sequence worksheets are based on are books you probably already own or at your library. These books are:

  • Apple Farmer Annie
  • The Apple Pie Tree
  • Ten Apples Up on Top
  • Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree


Designed for use by preschool and kindergarten students in classrooms and homeschools.


In Apple Activities Super Pack, you will get a variety of activities/centers and worksheets. If you are a homeschooling parent, use the activities made for centers as independent activities or a morning bin activity.

These are the types and names of activities and worksheets that are included:

5 Math Activities: Sorting Apples by Attributes, Apple Tree Clip Cards, Count the Seeds, Apple Ten Frames, Apple Pattern Strips

5 Literacy Activities: Capital/Lowercase Apple Puzzles, Matching “Aa”s on Apple Trees, Alphabet Letter Hunt, C-Link Apple Alphabet Cards, Alphabet Sequence Strips

5 Science Activities: Exploring the Parts of the Apple, Label the Parts of the Apple, Apple Taste Test, Life Cycle of the Apple, Apple Experiment: Turning Brown

Fine Motor Skill: Cut & Trace Apples, Letter Tracing Apples, Apple Pie Ingredients in Sensory Bin, Apple Play Dough Mats, Q-Tip Painting

Math Worksheets: Counting Apples in Baskets, Adding Apples, Count Apples on Top of Heads, Number Hunt, Ten Frame Worksheet

Phonics Worksheets: Cut & Glue Capitals/Lowercase, Short “a” sound, Apple Picking Capital and Lowercase Aa, Write the Lowercase and Capitals, Read & Copy Sight Words

Reading Worksheet: Apple Farmer Annie Story Sequence, The Apple Pie Tree Reading Comprehension, Ten Apples Up On Top Read & Draw, Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree Story Sequence, Read & Copy Sight Words

Writing Worksheet: Apple Farmer Annie Writing Prompts, The Apple Pie Tree Writing Prompts, Ten Apples Up On Top Writing Number Words, Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree Writing Prompts, Writing Worksheet: Opinion on Taste of Apples

Extra:. Apple Orchard Field Trip Reflection Form, Baking Apple Pie Sequence Cards, Apple Life Cycle Flip Book, Exploring Apples with My 5 Senses

Lesson Plan: I’ve also included an example of a week-long lesson plan that you can use as is or switch things around to make it work for YOU!


  • Detailed instructions for implementation
  • Colorful hands-on activities
  • Printable activities to reuse over and over
  • Table of Contents
  • 237+ pages!

This is a digital download. You will not receive a physical product.

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