Summer Fun Problem-A-Day Math Calendars

Summer Fun Problem-A-Day Math Calendars will have your child begging to do math this summer!

There are 3 monthly calendars for 3 different grades!  June, July, and August monthly calendars will have a math problem in each daily square with a space for the child (or you) to write the answer down.  These calendars are for  grades kindergarten, first, and second (summer after completion of these grades).

These summer math review calendars will review what your child has learned the past school year, starting with easier problems and working up to harder ones in order to prepare for the upcoming school year.

Ways to use these are endless!  Set a challenge for a your child.  If he completes a month, he will get a small reward.  If he completes all 3 months, another reward, possible a fun field trip.

Summer math review calendars are a great way to keep math on your child’s mind during the summer and also for you to notice what you will need to review when school starts up in the fall.