Ending Sound Worksheets – Practice Identifying Final Consonant Sounds

Grab these Ending Sound Worksheets for students needing practice identifying final consonant sounds!

Included are 20 worksheets (10 color, 10 black-and-white for a total of 10 unique worksheets). Ending sound isolation is practiced in all worksheets. A few worksheets have a theme, such as Back to School, Holidays, and Animals.

The final consonant sound includes only single consonants, not any blends. Some of the consonants practiced are: S, T, L, N, X, P, F, K, D, G and R.

Directions to use Ending Sound Worksheets:

  • Print and have your child draw a line to the final consonant sound that matches each picture. Or you may have him circle the correct letter.
  • Another option for the color ending sounds worksheets would be to print then laminate. Let your student use a dry erase marker on the laminated worksheets. You will be able to practice over and over!