10 Preschool Skills You Can Teach at Home

ten preschool skills you can teach at home with picture of smiling mom and preschool daughter playing with wooden toys and stuffed giraffe

10 Essential Preschool Skills You Can Teach at Home is part of a homeschooling blog series by seasoned homeschool bloggers called 10 Tips for Homeschooling Moms. Are you a new homeschooling family? Or maybe you are planning on keeping your preschooler at home before he or she goes to kindergarten. Keep reading!

The best thing a new homeschooling mom can do is listen to advice and tips from homeschooling moms who have been doing this a while.

Sometimes you are lucky enough to know homeschooling families personally and can ask questions.

If you don’t, the next best thing is turn to the internet. You can find blog posts, blog series, online communities, and so much more!

As a homeschooling mom of 4, I have been in the homeschooling trenches for 18 years. I’ve had my oldest 2 graduate from homeschool and am continuing to homeschool my younger two children. With my educational background in Early Childhood Education, I have a passion for preschool education!

For this blog series, I wanted to focus on preschool skills that you can teach at home. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars a year on a preschool or preK for your child. Your preschooler can learn skills to succeed in his or her educational journey for years to come!

These skills are 10 of many skills your preschooler will need to work on, but I’ve picked the 10 most important for the homeschooling family. Some skills that I didn’t mention like how to stand in a line would be helpful if your child was going to go to public or private school for kindergarten. But in our homeschooling world, that is not an essential skill.

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So grab a cup of coffee or tea, and join me in exploring this insightful list of blog posts about skills that YOU can teach your preschooler!

Homeschooling moms with all types of specialties have joined this blog series to share what they know and have learned through their journeys to help you with your own homeschooling journey. Be sure to check out all of the blog series below from veteran homeschooling moms!

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