Homeschool Super Heroes Week
Homeschool Super Heroes online conference

Homeschool Super Heroes Week

Homeschool Super Heroes Week is almost here!

August is the month most of us are frantically searching for last-minute curriculum helps and questioning if we have picked the right textbooks.  I get a little nervous around this time, even though this will be my 18th year of homeschooling.  Wondering if my kids will like what I picked out gets me a little anxious. Worrying how am I going to fit it all in…what if I CAN’T fit it all in?  Questions like this run through my mind until we start school.  


Then we start...and the overwhelm sets in

Usually the first day goes well.  Even the first week goes pretty good because everyone is excited to do something new and different.  The kids love the new school supplies and the new subjects and new read alouds.

Then week two starts, and usually that’s when the fun wears off.  The kids start to bicker.  The intro week in the textbook turns into full-blown work, and the kids rebel.  

And the overwhelm sets in.


Homeschool Help When You Need It

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone was there to metaphorically put an arm around you and say “Hey, it’s going to be okay!”?  What if you had 30+ homeschool super heroes to tell you that?  Um…yes, please! Sign me up!! Homeschool super heroes are homeschooling veterans who have been there, done that, and now help others out.  People that you admire like Andrew Pudewa from IEW, Kim Kautzer from WriteShop, Kathie Morrissey from The Character Corner, Jeanie Fullbright from the Apologia Exploring Creation series?  Wouldn’t it be nice to listen to them for free?

Here Is That Arm Around Your Shoulder

Join these speakers and so many more on August 23-27 for the 2021 Homeschool Super Heroes conference with over 65+ workshops!  

All of this is for FREE!  I’m serious….it’s FREE! Kerry Beck from How to Homeschool My Child is the hostess of this online conference and has arranged for you to be able to watch these 65 workshops for FREE!  How amazing is that??

I decided to be a sponsor to this event because I 100% believe in Kerry’s mission which is to help homeschooling families with the overwhelm of homeschooling and develop confidence in teaching your own children at home.  The homeschooling community is one of the most giving and generous communities that I’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of.  

Blessed To Be A Sponsor for Homeschool Super Heroes

I feel so passionate about this topic of helping overwhelmed and stressed out homeschooling moms that I felt led to become a sponsor for this conference.   If you sign up, you will automatically tons of freebies and discounts (there’s a freebie from me!).  If you decide to become a VIP (more on that later), there’s an even BIGGER freebie from me along with hundreds of dollars worth of freebies!

Seriously for Free?

Yes!  You get to watch the live sessions each day and then 24 hours after that to finish any you couldn’t watch!

What Are The Workshops About?

Here is a link to a list and description of all of the workshops:

Some of the ones I'm interested in for myself are:

  • Teaching Multiple Grade Levels All at One Table, by Tal Hoover – I’ll be adding my kindergartener this year to the mix.  I can’t wait to hear some tips on teaching different grade levels!


  • Spelling and the Brain, by Andrew Pudewa – Yes, please!  I’ll be there!  I need all the spelling help I can get for my 5th grader who is not a naturally good speller!


  • Motivating for greatness: how to get your child to learn with less stress!, by Britton Latulippe – Can’t wait to hear this one!  We are definitely in need of some motivation to learn around here.


  • Training Character Into Your Children, by Kathie Morrissey – Character training is something that is one of my goals to work on this year.  Kathie Morrissey is a great speaker!


  • Gentle Parenting and Homeschool Success, by Meaghan Jackson – I’ve been in Meaghan’s Facebook group for a little while and am fascinated with her topics.  This is a can’t miss workshop!

Wait! I only have 24 hours?

I know, I know!  There is SO much goodness in these workshops.  I want to hear it all, don’t you?  If you do too, you can sign up for the All-Access Pass to become a VIP!  You will be able to watch the videos any time you want.  No cramming to get it done in 24 hours.  

Homeschool Super Heroes banner

Early Bird Discount for VIP

You will have one week to sign up for the Early Bird Discount price of $25!  Honestly, it’s an amazing deal.  Even the regular price of $35 is a great deal for the wealth of knowledge you get from the Homeschool Super Heroes speakers.  Just think how much a regular homeschooling conference costs.  This is such a good value!

What Do I Get When I Sign Up for Free?

  1. 24 hours to watch the 65+ videos plus handouts
  2. Private Community Facebook group
  3. Digital Swag Bag
  4. 24 hours to watch the Summit Kick-Off with Kerry Beck
  5. 24 hours to watch the Daily Kick-Offs with Kerry Beck
  6. Prayerfully support the International Association of Creation which works to legalize homeschooling around the world!
  7. Facebook Party with giveaways, door prizes, and more!


All of this is amazing, right?  I encourage you to sign up for it right now.  Even if you can only watch a few of the videos….you still get the Digital Swag Bag and get to be a part of a wonderful community group of homeschooling families just like you!


But if you take a look at the speakers and the sessions and know you are going to want more time to listen to all of these years worth of knowledge from these Super Heroes, consider signing up for the VIP All Access!  Read on to find out what you get when you do.

What Are The Benefits of The VIP Pass?

You get ALL of the benefits I listed above for the free conference PLUS these:


  1. Lifetime to watch the 65+ videos plus handouts (Priceless!)
  2. Lifetime to watch the Summit Kick-Off with Kerry Beck ($10)
  3. Lifetime to watch the Daily Kick-Offs with Kerry Beck ($25)
  4. Financially support the International Association of Creation which works to legalize homeschooling around the world!
  5. Early Bird access to the Members’ Area until Aug. 16 (will become Instant Access on Aug. 16)
  6. VIP Bonus Bundles worth over $300!!
  7. 2 Private Watch parties after Homeschool Super Heroes Week ends

Homeschool Super Heroes ad

It's Easy To Sign Up!

As a homeschooling mom of 17+ years, I so wish that I had all of this knowledge so easily available to me when I started homeschooling!  And then as the years went by, this encouragement would have helped so much for the days that I felt overwhelmed and stressed out. 

So, as a fellow homeschooling mom, I highly encourage you to sign up for this Homeschool Super Heroes conference. If you can swing the VIP All Access, that’s awesome!  If not, you will still get a ton of value from it.  So click on the button below to sign up today!


Sign Up for the Homeschool Super Heroes conference!

Sign up today for the free pass or upgrade to the VIP All Access pass and start getting the Early Bird benefits NOW!

I want in!

Before you go, be sure to check out the page I added with exclusive resources, like a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom mini unit!!


Until next time,